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Our Team

Our teachers are dedicated to helping children to do their best in school. They form a team with expertise in all areas of literacy and numeracy ranging from learning to read to various boards Maths, Science, Social science and English. We are sensitive and flexible in our approach to teaching and because of our extensive resources can offer a programme designed to meet your exact needs.

All our teachers are up to date with the requirements of the National and International Curriculum. Our teaching supports the work children do in school. The skills they learn at our Tutorials will help them do better in the classroom.

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Maths, Science ( Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Humanities & English Programmes Offered for


Primary Years Programme & Middle Years Programme


Cambridge Primary, Cambridge lower secondary, Cambridge upper secondary


Grade 1 to10


Grade 1 to10


English, Math, Science & Social Science

Special All Subject Batches Are Available For 1st To 10th
Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology For 11th & 12th


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