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 Our Approach

Potter’s Wheel Academy is different from passive learning programs. Instead of taking notes, rote learning, and spoon fed information from teachers, your child actively involved in learning process. As a result, child develops critical, self-learning skills.

In our Virtual Tutorials your child follows their own personal programme with their one-to-one tutor in a small group environment at comfort of home. As your child progresses, their programme is adjusted to meet their exact needs at all times.

Your input is always welcome, especially at the end of the session when your tutor will discuss how your child has done, and chat about the next steps.
Our teaching method guarantees more confidence and motivation for your child.

  • A qualified and experienced teacher for your child
  • Expert one-to-one tuition in a small group virtual setting
  • Personal feedback after every chapter
  • Motivating and engaging personalized work plans
  • Improvement in performance
  • Global benchmark & practice module


Each session in the Tutorial is 90 minutes long, and is made up of a variety of activities, usually starting with meditation. During the course of the session your child will be given both Guided and Creative work to do. Younger children have a greater number of shorter activities, and older ones will spend longer on each task, as appropriate to their age and stage of development.  
Our step by step, simple to advance approach ensures that your child always has a grasp of the fundamental learning before going ahead.

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Maths, Science ( Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Humanities & English Programmes Offered for


Primary Years Programme & Middle Years Programme


Cambridge Primary, Cambridge lower secondary, Cambridge upper secondary


Grade 1 to10


Grade 1 to10


English, Math, Science & Social Science

Special All Subject Batches Are Available For 1st To 10th
Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology For 11th & 12th


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